We're committed to serving the legal needs of schools and other education institutions.

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We work extensively with private schools, charter schools, education management organizations, and public school districts. We help schools deal with the processes involved with starting up and receiving funding, charters, etc. We also provide holistic legal support to schools once they’re up and running.

Getting your school up and running

As an education provider, we help you maintain compliance under federal, state, and local law, municipal law, corporate and educational law. If you are a new school, we help you apply through the appropriate regulatory authorities for your license or charter.

The legal process involved with running a proper school can get complicated. Schools are some of the most poked and prodded organizations in America, and rightly so. Educating children is an important job, and we make it a priority to help you do that job to the best of your ability.

Navigating curriculum requirements

We’ll also help you confidently navigate curriculum requirements. Curriculums are modified by different acts such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitative Act of 1973, and the list goes on and on. Our attorneys will help make sure that you are following these rules and provisions as parents and legislators will be quick to sue if an issue arises from failing to follow any of these guidelines.

An individualized approach

We go above and beyond to understand the culture and values of your school so we can get a greater sense of how you operate. This helps us identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls long before they occur.

Running a school is hard work. Let us ease the burden of navigating regulations and curriculums so you can focus your energy on your students and teachers.

To learn more about what we can do for your school or education organization, check out our education-related legal services.

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