We do our best to help our clients take preventative measures in order to avoid ever stepping foot in a legal proceeding.

We know, however, that sometimes those issues are out of our clients’ control, and over the years we have represented our clients in every conceivable type of litigation, both at trial and on appeal.

We draw from years of litigation experience, and understand that each and every case is unique. The team of lawyers assigned to your case will be chosen based upon the specific needs of your case. We take all matters into account when making this decision, and assign a competent and aggressive team that will give you the greatest chance of success.

You can rest assured knowing that, if push comes to shove, Sand & Saidel will expertly represent you in any legal proceeding. And we go above and beyond to ensure that you have the right data in front of you to make the decisions that work best for you. We prepare risk-reward analyses before entering litigation and while making key decisions during litigation. These analyses include factors such as the cost of litigation and provide a useful roadmap for making sure that your decisions are made intelligently and efficiently. It’s always good to have these as a measure of the progress of a litigation.

We’re committed to our clients. We focus on delivering peak performance in the litigation process while also helping our clients manage legal fees and minimize expenses. We make a point to get to know our clients well. Your company culture, your vision and values, your products and services, the mission you fulfill, the many issues that matter most to you. All of these are important to effective legal representation, as well as effective legal capabilities.

At the end of the day, your best interests are our best interests and we strive to demonstrate that in every matter with which you entrust us.

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