Real Estate

We're a team of experienced legal professionals to help you confidently get all of your real estate affairs in order.

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We help clients in a wide spectrum of industries to handle all legal processes involved with their real estate affairs.

Navigate the process

From start to finish we’ll be there. From the letter of intent through to the agreement of sale. We’ll assist with due diligence and provide assistance with funding. We help you obtain municipal bonds to fund real estate acquisitions. And after you close we’ll draft and record the deeds to ensure the property is properly protected through adequate title insurance.

Cut costs

We also look for other areas to save you money. For example, not all nonprofits are automatically entitled to real estate tax exemption. If you are eligible for a tax break, exemption, or other benefits, we will ensure that we go through the proper channels to make sure you get all the benefits you deserve.

In short, we help you with the bare bones legal processes involved with your legal transactions. And then we put ourselves in your shoes in order to determine other avenues of fiscal opportunity. Whether that’s saving you money through taxes or negotiating on your behalf, you can rest assured knowing you’ve accessed the maximum fiscal benefit in every real estate transaction.

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