Nonprofit Corporations

From our years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, we've developed a strong sense of direction and clarity when it comes to helping nonprofits function at their peak.

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In order to do our job effectively, we make it a priority to understand the identity of your organization. By learning the ins and outs of your organization, your culture, your goals and objectives, we’re able to work efficiently to ensure that you are well equipped to handle all current and future legal matters.

Funding support

We help nonprofit clients secure government funding and support them to do what’s required in those contracts. We want to support you to receive maximum financing from the government and keep it coming for as long as possible.

Obtain 501(c)(3) Status

We also help our clients form their nonprofit corporations and successfully obtain your 501 status. We’ll work with you to figure out which 501 status makes the most sense for your organization, and we’ll help you work your way through the process of getting that handled with the IRS.

Most common types of 501s we support:

  • 501(c)(3) – Charitable Organizations
  • 501(c)(4) – Social Welfare Organizations, Advocacy Groups, etc.
  • 501(c)(6) – Business Coalitions, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

501(c)(3) Status Success Rate

Once you get 501 status, that doesn’t mean our work is done! We’re here to help you to continue to maintain your 501 status by complying with all relevant regulations.

We try to put ourselves in your shoes to identify all of the fiscal areas we can help you save. We want to help you thrive, secure funding, leverage your tax-exempt status, and reduce legal risk.

To learn more about specific areas of practice, take a look at our tax-exempt organization services.

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